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Tailor Made 3 Piece Suits

Tailor Made London 3 piece suit


Tailor Made 3 piece suits – When you want to look even better.

The 3 piece suit consists of a jacket, waistcoat (known a vest in the USA) and trousers, all made out of the same material. The 3 piece suit with a introduced in 1666 when Charles II started wearing a long waistcoat and has been going in and out of fashion ever since.

A 3 piece suit has a variety of uses. Whether it’s to stand out in a crowd or look smarter at a more formal event, a 3 piece suit has a variety of advantages over the 2 piece, lounge suit alternative.

The first advantage is purely practical. A waistcoat frees you from having to worry about whether your shirt is tucked in properly and can even make an un-tailored shirt look good. Another bonus of a  3 piece, is that you can still look smart once you’ve removed the jacket, perfect for the reception after the wedding of dealing with hot climates or activities where you’re going to be steaming up.

There’s also the way it feels. You feel more held together in a 3 piece. The waistcoat give you an added layer of confidence. With a 3 piece you look dressed up even with the jacket undone.

A properly tailored 3 piece suit has some great advantages over an off the peg one. A waistcoat that’s too loose will shift around and feel like loose cloth draped over you and It won’t hold your tie in place. Conversely, a waistcoat that’s too tight can be too constricting and be really uncomfortable, especially when sitting.

A final advantage of the three piece is that you can wear the waistcoat without the suit with other items in your wardrobe for example with a blazer and jeans.

American GQ’s creative director Jim Moore says “Today’s modern three-piece suits have a look that says ‘I’ve arrived’ without looking like you stepped out of a 1980s Wall Street movie,”

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I’d never bought a 3 piece suit before, but having talked through the options it seemed like a good idea. Now I’ve bought a few as I like the flexibility that they give. – May 2015