Modern Men's Tailoring in London

3d Body Scanner by Tailor Made London

Our unique 3D body scanner is the worlds most accurate method of measurement.

Forget tape measures. The future of tailoring is lasers.
T3 Magazine

Tailor Made London are the first and only English men’s tailors pioneering state of the art scanning technology. Rather than rely on the traditional time consuming method of multiple measurement by hand, we use a fully automated contact free 3D Body Scanner. In just 10 seconds our 3D scanner takes thousands of your body measurements accurate to within 1/10 of a mm. Using advanced algorithmic software, an exact 3D model of your body is then used to laser cut your fabric to achieve a perfectly fitted garment.

Our technology is not only quicker and less intrusive than the traditional method of measuring, it is far more accurate allowing us to cut down on unnecessary repeated fittings required by other tailors. Only requiring a single consultation, the Tailor Made service offers you considerable time saving and allows us a delivery time of just 4 to 6 weeks which is far shorter than any other comparable tailor.

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