Belgravia’s annual Belgravia In Bloom festival sees the neighbourhood filled with intricate floral and fauna displays throughout the streets. This year’s theme for the floral instillations is the ‘language of flowers’ and so we decided to catch up with quintessentially British fragrance house Penhaligon’s to find out more about how they use florals in their scents.

What are the most popular floral fragrances within the Penhaligon’s collection?

Penhaligon’s is proud to have created iconic florals such as Lily of the Valley or Bluebell that evoke spring time and are a very elegant and classic choice for our customers. More recently with the launch of our Portraits collection the most popular floral has been Duchess Rose – a modern twist on the classic English rose with notes of musk and mandarin.

Do any of the floral scents have specific meanings behind them?

Absolutely, lots of the flowers have secret meanings and messages behind them and the Victorians used to use flowers a lot to exchange messages. A couple of years ago we ran a campaign on our fragrances called Language of Flowers which outlined some of these meanings. For example our ‘Clandestine Clara’ fragrance features patchouli which means passion and our ‘Bluebell’ fragrance using bluebells has the meaning of undying devotion behind it. You can see the meanings of some of the most popular flowers here also.

Are there any scents within the collection that you think are a quintessential representation of London?

We have several fragrances that have been inspired by quintessential places or institutions in London – for example Sartorial is meant to evoke the feeling of being measured for a suit. The traditional notes of oakmoss, tonka bean and lavender have been exquisitely stitched together with woods, ozonic and metallic effects, leather, violet leaf, honey and spices to create the perfect illusion of a tailor’s workroom.

Our iconic Juniper Sling is an ode to London Dry Gin – with plenty of juniper berries and angelica.

Most recently we have launched a collection called Hidden London with three scents: Marylebone Wood, Belgravia Chypre and Kensington Amber. Each of these was designed to reflect unique London neighbourhoods linked to their history and architecture.

Any tips on how/when to sample fragrance to help you select one?

You should definitely try our fragrance profiling feature online which will make fragrance suggestions according to your chosen preferences. Alternatively, pop into one of our stores for a session with one of our fragrance experts. We’ll help you choose a fragrance depending on your personal preferences that you would like to wear as a signature scent or a wardrobe of fragrances for different occasions!

What’s your favourite scent from the range and why?

It would be hard for us to choose just one scent but Lord George has been incredibly popular as it brings a dose of Britishness with a modern twist. When it comes to florals however we would say Elisabethan Rose – a timeless modern rose with touches of hazelnut leaf and woody cedar base. Elegant, sophisticated and powerful.

We work with a lot of grooms who are having their wedding suits created, can you advise on fragrance and scenting for a wedding day?

We recommend booking a fragrance profiling in one of our stores to discover our scents in a more intimate setting and take time to choose the perfect fragrance for the wedding! Our fragrance experts can also help with recommending candles to scent the space – this creates an unforgettable atmosphere for such special events!

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Imagery courtesy of Penhaligon’s