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Abraham Moon; Quality British Cloth

Founded in 1837, Abraham Moon are one of the last remaining vertical wooden mills in Great Britain, with a reputation for consistent quality and innovative design.

For many years Abraham Moon’s cloths have offered the assurance of luxurious quality and a unique understanding of the ever-changing needs in the clothing industry. The traditional fabrics combined with an innovative use of colour and design have helped them to continue to serve leading fashion labels, designers and retail customers across the world.

Abraham Moon are one of the few mills left who continue all processes on one site.

Firstly raw wool is delivered to Abraham Moon’s site in Guiseley. They use Merino Lambswool, predominantly from South Africa and Shetland quality Pure New Wool from New Zealand. The Wool is scoured, cleaned and combed broken tops, ensuring that there is less than 0.3% impurities within the fleeces.

Raw wool goes to the Dye House. It is dyed using precise combinations of dye, pressure, temperature and time. These combinations are kept a close secret to ensure the unique colour palette. Abraham Moon currently dye their wool in over 500 different shades and colours. They keep a library of shade standards and recipes to ensure continuity in each colour year after year.

Abraham Moon’s secret to creating beautifully rich colour is in their blend. Up to seven different coloured wools can go into the recipe for each yarn to create the finished colour. This is what gives Tweeds, Heathers and Plaids their uniquely rich texture. Having yarns made up of many different component shades give us a great advantage when it comes to the final look of the fabrics. If a check design included five different colours, and each colour has seven different shades, the eye is picking up thirty five different colours in the finished pattern.

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