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AMF Stitching

AMF Stitching; Full and Part

AMF Stitching; Full and Part

AMF Stitching Options

Another sign of a bespoke tailored suit is AMF sticking. AMF Stitching (also known as Pick Stitching ) is a small stitch around the edges of the jacket, the lapel and the pockets.

The Achronym AMF refers to the machine that creates the stitch. The machine was created and manufactured by the company American Machine and Foundry. Because this machine is extremely slow, using AMF takes a very long time.

It’s a small, neat stitching running around all the edges of the garment. It’s done to keep the edges flat and clean and prevent them from rolling or curling. Another function of AMF stitching is to keep the jacket’s canvas interlining in place with regard to the outer fabric.

There are two different popular options.

The first is having the stitch around the edge of the collar, jacket edge and pockets. This is known as Part AMF Stitching.

The second option is to have stitching down the front seams of the jackets as well as the collar, jacket edge and pocket.  This is known as Full AMF Stiching.

AMF stitching is a sign of a bespoke, tailor made jacket.

Other options are how far away you want the stitches from the edges of the jacket. You can choose to have two milimetre or six millimetre.

One final option is to choose what colour you want to have the AMF stitching. For a formal jacket we would tend to recommend having the amf sticking in the same colour as the jacket fabric as shown in the pictures above. This creates a subtle look.

For a more casual or statement jacket you can choose to have and the stitching in an apposing colour to the jacket material. This stands out a lot more creating another unique feature and discussion point.