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Vitale Barberis Canonico; Since 1663 the finest fabrics for tailor-made suits

Vitale Barberis Canonico is an Italian fabric mill which was established in 1663.  By 1780 Giuseppe Antonio, a direct descendant of Ajmo Barbeo the original founder, was awarded a licence to trade at cloth fairs. This helped the factory to grow and the profits made were invested in the land and the yields which served to pay the cottage spinners.

By 1868 Giovanni Barberis, son of Giuseppe took control of the business, he made some improvements to the business by buying the first mechanical looms and adding weaving, dyeing, milling and spinning to the business. They started to export their textiles to America, the East Indies and China in 1915. Six years later two factories were created at Pratrivero and Oreste and Vitale Barbers Canonic is created. By 2008 the management of the company was taken over by Alessandra, Francesco and Lucia Barberis Canonico.

In order to make the highest quality fabrics Barbers use the following seven processes;

  • Wool Processing- The raw wool is put through a deep wash, which is then followed by a carding and combing process which helps to get rid of any impurities.
  • Spinning- During this procedure the tops are re-combed to achieve the ideal diameter to make the yarn.
  • Dyeing- Barberis use three different dyeing methods: top-dyeing, yarn dyeing and piece dyeing.
  • Warping- The warp process is done on high tech machines and the laser sensors control the hundred of yarns.
  • Weaving- The horizontal threads must pass over and under the verticals according to a precise configuration, depending on the type of weave and decoration.
  • Mending- After the production process if there are any errors to the fabric, the errors will be fixed by hand.
  • Finishing- For summer fabrics they remove the surface fluff and then wash the fabric. Whereas with winter fabrics, they are washed in warm, soapy water and are then milled.

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