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Coats To Wear During The Autumn/Winter Season

coats to wear during the autumn/winter season

Coats To Wear During The Autumn/Winter Season

Now autumn has arrived the weather will start to drop and will get darker earlier. This is a time for you to invest in a new coat. Looking for a new coat can come as a struggle for some, with there being a vast amount of style options. We’ve put together a guide on coats to wear during the autumn/winter season.


An overcoat is an essential for every man and is an investment worth making. As the overcoat has become more of a fashion piece rather than just functional, designers have become more creative with their designs.

With oversized versions available, this has become one of the key trends for the autumn and winter season. When tackling the oversized overcoat its important the jacket accentuates your proportion, without you looking like you’ve been swallowed up. In order to do this we suggest wearing an outfit which offers a slimmer silhouette. For instance a fine knit jumper and slim jeans. This midnight blue or light grey overcoat would be perfect. They both offer versatility and would look great in the office and when meeting friends for coffee.


Photo Credit: Tailor Made London

Shearling Coat:

A good shearling number is an essential for the colder season. Originally worn by pilots to keep them warm in uncovered cockpits. But today’s version is far from that and offers a more versatile look. Due to the material being so versatile, it works well with several fabrics such as leather, denim and wool. With a shearling coat being quite loud, you should try and tone the rest of your outfit and let the jacket do all the talking. This Gant shearling jacket would be perfect. However there may be some gents who may find a full shearling jacket a bit daunting. Instead why not opt for a coat with a shearling lining or collar, such as a this Private White V.C bomber jacket.

Shearling Jackets

Photo Credit: Gant and Mr Porter

Rain Coat:

Now with the weather becoming miserable, there will be times where the odd shower may occur. In order to stay dry, this is where a raincoat will come in handy. Investing in a raincoat is an essential for every guy, as the British weather can be very unpredictable. When choosing a raincoat one made from a waterproof fabric is a must. Don’t choose one which is water repellent, as it may keep you dry when its just drizzling, but not when its raining cats and dogs.

When it comes to choosing the material for your raincoat, it can become a daunting process as there are many high tech materials available. We recommend going for a Gore-Tex Paclite. This seals out all the rain as well as snow and is much durable compared to others. We recommend going for this Nanamica cruiser jacket or this Vaude jacket.

Rain Coats

Photo Credit: End Clothing and Zalando

For more information on coats to wear during the autumn/winter season or to discuss our other bespoke suits, jackets, shirts and overcoat give us a call on 0207 566 0077 or book an appointment at our Old Street studio using the Tailor Made London Booking Tool.

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