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Dormeuil Cloth; more than 170 years of research, creativity and innovation

Dormeuil specialise in providing luxury fine cloths. The business began in 1842 when Jules Dormeuil created a family business and began to import English fabrics to France.

The company opened their first shop in 1871 on 10 New Burlington Street, London.

Dormeuil have dressed many important people from Kings to Presidents, Hollywood to connoisseurs, and still continue to dress the elite.

In order for Dormeuil to provide the best fabrics for their customers, they seek out the finest fibres around the world.

During the production process Dormeuil use different techniques to create their fabrics, The first stage is noble fibres. The English manufactures use their experience in spinning rare and delicate fibres such as cashmere, Merino wools, silk and vicuna to produce their fabrics.

During the construction process, they construct  fabrics with a specific density which is the characteristics of the ‘Made in England’ label. In the weaving and finishing process, the top quality yarns are selected to make fabrics. The looms used are from the most efficient in the world. This is done to ensure that their customers get the best fabric,  at a high standard.

In the design process, the designers combine yarns of different colours with a range of weaves and textures, so they can create a range of elegant fabrics.

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