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Bespoke Tailored Double Breasted Suit by Tailor Made London

Look Twice as good in a Double Breasted Suit

A double breasted suit contains a jacket with wide overlapping flaps and two parallel columns of buttons (some fasten on the outside, some on the inside and the rest decorative).

It’s even more important that a double-breasted jacket is tailored to the wearer than a regular single breasted suit, especially at the waist. By brining in the waistline, the wearer’s shoulders become more prominent.

The double breasted suit is sometimes considered a conservative suit choice, but the style is timeless. It looks best in a fine all-season wool that can be worn from Autumn to late spring and into summer. Due to the amount of fabric and coverage in the jacket, they might not be ideal in the summer months. Often a dark-blue with either a pinstripe or windowpane pattern are popular.

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My double breasted suit makes me feel more confident and bigger when I walk into any room”