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Entering the Dragons Den

After weeks of delays due to the volcanic ash cloud over Iceland, Tuesday morning finally came and with it my chance to pitch to the Dragons in the Den .

Arriving at Pinewood studios where they have filmed most of the James Bond movies was a fitting setting to this action packed and high pressure experience that I was about to put myself through.

After meeting all the other ‘entrepreneurs’ (some of which have now gone on to big things such as Chris Elsworthy and his Power8 Workshop) I was ushered over to the den set to start getting the body scanner ready.

I did not realise until the day that it was not only the first day of filming the new season but also that I would be the first business to pitch to the dragons in over a year!

After we filmed the walking up the stairs scene (which actually don’t go anywhere, they’re fake) into to the den we were then ushered back into the green room where one by one we were led through a seemingly endless maze of walkways and tunnels before I suddenly found myself standing before them.

I expected a call for ‘’ACTION’ but it never came; it all suddenly became real as I stood on the x at my feet and started to recite my 3 minute pitch.

The remaining hour seemed like a blur and as I write this now I still can’t properly remember the order that they all muted the fateful words “I’m out”.

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