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Dressing a Dragon

Tailor Made London were recently commissioned by entrepreneur and former BBC dragon James Caan to make a suit fit for such a distinguished individual.

It has been an amazing few months for Tailor Made after making suits for the Royal wedding and now for one of the countries most influential business leaders.

So what do you choose if you are only used to wearing the best?

You choose British and one of the best is Holland and Sherry

James chose a beautiful electric blue cloth with a detailed birdseye pattern from the Cape Horn selection.

Holland and Sherry 668040

Cape Horn is an island situated at the southern-most tip of Chile in South America. The waters surrounding the island have been used for centuries as the main trade route for ships exporting goods throughout the world, including grain, gold and fine merino wools. This exclusive range of cloth has been woven from fine merino wool imported from the Patagonian region of Argentina. With abundant fresh water and nutritional vegetation, the valleys of Patagonia are the ideal habitat for merino sheep. The fibres are cleaner and stronger, resulting in a superior quality and high performance cloth.

The fabrics in this collection are a lighter version of our iconic Cape Horn classics quality: their plain weave construction makes them ideal for warmer climates as they allow the body to breathe and stay cool. The yarn used for this collection is a 64/2 new metric yarn, and whilst the warp yarn has a conventional twist for softness the weft yarn has been uptwisted to achieve a high twist yarn for durability. This formation makes it the ideal cloth for the ultimate travel suit as the high twist prevents excessive creasing. Included in this collection are a variety of traditional classics including Glen plaids, windowpanes, hound’s-tooth and our best selling chalk- and pin-stripes.

All fabrics have been carefully selected for their durable and lightweight qualities which in turn make them cool and comfortable to wear and easy to tailor. This bunch represents the ultimate in global business travel wear.

James completes the look with his signature wide peak lapels.

To get this tailored look now please book a consultation online or by calling 020 7566 0077

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