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Entourage Movie Suits

Entourage Movie Suits-

The Entourage Movie is a comedy-drama film directed by Doug Ellin as a continuation of the HBO TV Series of the same name.

Jeremy Piven’s character, Ari Gold, is known for his sharp suits from the TV Series, but in the Entourage Movie, he has now been promoted from agent to studio head, and his new wardrobe has been upgraded to reflect this.

The costume designer Olivia Miles has opted to style Ari Gold’s suits in an Italian look and exclusively dressed him in bespoke Domenico Vacca suits throughout the film.

Domenico Vacca was also the designer used for Glenn Close in the film ‘Damages’ and Terrence Howard in the film ‘Empire’.

Vacca said “We felt that Hollywood in general, and Beverly Hills and LA were changing and were more open to something that was about style and elegance and sartorial clothes… We thought that Ari Gold was the perfect character for that – he is an executive, an agent, he is about power, about confidence. We believed that the time was right to really change that look, to do something more sophisticated, more elegant, and more stylish”.

From bold blues to muted browns and greys, Ari Gold’s look consists almost entirely of three-piece suits, many of which have double-breasted waistcoats.

“The characteristic of Ari’s style is definitely the power suit, a silhouette that is very Italian, close to the body, higher armhole, soft shoulder, and done completely by hand. It sends this message that a man at that level goes to his tailor and has his suits made”

The extra fabric from the look, as well as the occasional full-on double-breasted suit, creates an impression of impenetrable luxury that allows Piven’s character to fall apart on the inside while still looking buttoned-up and in control on the outside.

Up on the big-screen, the details of the bespoke tailored suits are clearly on display. Hand-Stiching on jacket lapels, crisp cutaway collars on the dress shirts, slivers of pocket squares, crest-emblazoned neckties and flash of poker-dotted dress socks. Even in a room full of suits, Gold stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Ari Gold’s outfits are slightly over-the-top but can easily influence a far more down to earth look. For those not wanting to stand out as much in a full Domenico Vacca look. A bespoke, well-tailored three piece worn with a touch of flash, achieves the same effect.

You can get the look with a subtle brown check fabric. If you’d like to look through a wider range and discuss how to choose your options to get the look book an appointment at our Old Street studio.

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