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Fabrics You Need For The Winter Season

Fabrics You Need For The Winter Season.

Winter is soon approaching, which means the the temperature will start to drop. With the climate changing, it’s crucial you are prepared for what lies ahead of us. We’ve created a guide on fabrics you need for the winter season.


Wool is an absolute must for the winter season, due to being a natural fibre as well as a great insulator. With the fabric providing a hard wearing and tear-resistant quality, this would be the perfect fabric when choosing an overcoat.

However there are a few downfalls when it comes to wool. As the fabric is heavy, once it gets wet it will become much more heavier. This is due to the fabric being tightly woven and when exposed to rain the fabric will absorb the moisture giving it a heavier feel. Wool can also be inflexible and uncomfortable. This will lead to the garment taking a while to into your body shape. However you don’t necessarily have to go for a heavy wool. Instead opt for a lightweight wool such as a merino wool crew neck jumper in a navy, grey and wine red. This will be a great piece for when layering your outfit.

Crew Necks

Photo Credit: Charles Tyrwhitt and M&S


A popular fashion piece during the 70s, but is now making a fashionable comeback. Corduroy is made from cotton and is twisted into thick ribs which gives it that hard wearing yet soft feel. They are a versatile piece of garment and are the chinos of the winter. With a vast amount of colours available they will look great worn casually or to the office. Such as this navy pair from Zara or these NN07 beige corduroy from Mr Porter.

Although they may be versatile, they are however heavy when worn. Instead go for a lighter pure cotton version. They are also not a year round fabric and only work best during the autumn and winter seasons.

Corduroy Trousers

Photo Credit: Zara and Mr Porter


Leather is the only natural fabric which protects you from scratches and other damages. It is also a natural windbreaker and can be made water resistant as well. All in all leather is a durable fabric to wear. We recommend going this Reiss Stud Leather Biker Jacket or this Black Leather Jacket from Whistle. If your looking for something a bit more bolder this Acne Studios with a Shearling Collar would be ideal.

Although leather gives you that cool and edgy look, when it gets wet there is a chance it will shrink. This happens as the water displaces its oils leaving the fibre and protein exposed to the air. In order to help not let the material shrink, you should dry it as soon as possible an apply a ph-balanced conditioner.

Leather Jackets

Photo Credit: Harvey Nichols, Whistles and Reiss

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