What is the cost of a Tailor Made London suit?

You can see our full pricing structure here. The price of our bespoke suits depends on the fabric chosen.

Our 2-piece suits start from £950 in a Full Canvas construction which is recommend. Half Canvas is also an option at our Shoreditch store only.

Most of the suits featured on our website are category B.

Handmade and our Made in Italy service from an additional £150

Style and design customisation options are included in the price.

Why should I buy a suit from you?

For the same price as you’d pay for an off the peg suit from a high-end high street store, we will create you a bespoke suit, designed by you for you to your exact measurements.

You can personalise your suit as you wish from a choice of thousands of cloths sourced from the finest English and Italian Mills as used by Savile Row tailors.

Choose your own lining, that best reflects your personality. Choose from a whole range of options such as lapel size and style, number of vents, type and number of buttons and many more. The end result is a totally unique one-off suit that makes you look fantastic.

How long do your suits take to make?

The suits normally take on average between 4-6 weeks. If you need the suit for a special occasion, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know the date to see if we can accommodate your request. Certain fabrics may take slightly longer due to the time it takes for the mill to send the fabric.

What is the process?

First Appointment – Meet a personal tailor.

In our London showrooms, our tailors and style consultants will guide you through our seasonal fabric collections consisting of over 3000 British and Italian Savile Row fabrics for every budget and occasion. We will discuss different fabrics with you to help you decide which is the perfect one for your suit.

Next step is designing your suit. We will advise you through this design process. You can customise all aspects of your suit. You choose the lining, lapel type and size, type and number of buttons, number of vents and lots of other options so you can design your suit exactly as you’d like it.

The next step is the measurement process. Unlike all other tailors, we use a state of the art 3-D body scanner to take your measurements. In just a few seconds we’ll take thousands of measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Finally we’ll discuss your personal preferences, such as sleeve length and trouser length.

Second Appointment – Fitting

As soon as your suit has been finalised. We’ll arrange a fitting appointment. During your second appointment you’ll try your finished suit on and will discuss how it looks and feels. Occasionally due to personal client preferences we may make some minor alterations. These are done at our local workshop and will be completed in 2-3 days depending on our current workload.

What kind of appointments do you offer?

We offer two kinds of appointments:

30 mins overview.

Where we’ll talk through the process and can show you some fabrics.

1 hour fitting appointment.

Where we look through all the fabrics, choose one with you, decide your suit options, scan your body measurements and take your order.

After I've ordered one suit from you, how can I order others?

Once we’ve got your measurements (and any adjustments) after your fitting appointment, we will update your garment pattern on file. When you want to order another suit all you have to do is let us know what cloth you want and what design options you’d like.

Can I order or receive my suit from outside of the UK?

We do ask new clients to pop in for an appointment to our Shoreditch studio, to get scanned and meet our stylists and tailors. However for those international clients unable to do this, we can send a measurement guide followed up with our tailors to proceed with the order. We then courier your suit to you.

What are your opening hours?

Our regular opening hours are from 10am-7pm, Monday to Saturday with the last appointment at 6:30pm. However if you have a special requirement to pick up your suit or order a new suit please call us to see if we can adjust our schedule and try and ensure that one of our tailors is available for you.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes we operate on an appointment only basis. The easiest way to do this is through the booking form. please let us know any information about your suit, fabric, colour and deadline requirements, so that we can deal with your appointment as efficiently as possible. Alternatively you can email us on info@tailormadelondon.com or call us on 0207 566 0077

So, what are the advantages to a Tailor Made Suit?

A fantastic fitting suit created for you from scratch in 4-6 weeks. Only two appointments without any awkward hand measuring.

Your choice of fabrics, from thousands of options from the top English and Italian Mills Ability to design your own suit unique to you for the same price as a typical high-end off-the-peg suit

Where are your fabrics sourced from?

All our fabrics are from English and Italian weavers. One of the most important choices you will make whilst designing your suit will be your choice of fabric.

Tailor Made proudly offer over 3000 seasonal fabrics from the finest British and Italian weavers on Savile Row, such as Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Loro Piana. Every Tailor Made suit carries the weavers label as a sign of authenticity and purity of provenance.

Can I request a specific fabric?

We stock a huge variety of fabrics, from a wide range of mills. If you have a specific fabric requests please contact us to discuss.

Can I provide my own fabric?

Unfortunately we cannot make suits with a customer’s fabric. Unless we are dealing with fabrics from our own Mills then it is very difficult to ensure that the finished suit will live up to our rigorous standards of quality.

How are your jackets constructed?

We believe in incorporating only the highest quality materials in our suits. All our suits are either half- floating canvas or fully canvassed using hand stitched natural fibres and horsehair, to provide the desired shape and springiness. No fusing or glues are employed.

Do you offer discount for multiple suits?

Depending on the number of suits ordered and the fabric selection we do sometimes offer a discount for multiple suits purchased. Please contact us about your specific requirements if you wish to order multiple suits.

Do you charge extra for large sizes?

No, we charge just one set amount no matter how big or small you are.

What if you haven’t answered my question?

Further enquiries :-

Please don’t hestitate to get in touch

E: info@tailormadelondon.com

T: 0207 566 0077

Visit us :-

Please book an appointment at one of our London studios.



What’s the best way to look after my new suit?

Never wash the jacket, trousers or waistcoat yourself. Take them to a professional dry cleaner’s. The chemicals in the dry cleaning process damage natural fibers of wool or cotton, thinning and weakening them. Over time the material at stress points such as the crotch and elbows will wear down.

Dry cleaning is still the most effective, indeed really the only effective way to get dirt out of these materials. Often the suits simply aren’t dirty. Any dirt that does accumulate during a day’s wear can easily be brushed off in the evening.

Simply hang up your jacket and trousers and brush them a few times with a soft-bristled brush. This removes the specks of dirt before they can get ground into the material through wearing or pressing. Dry cleaning twice a year should be sufficient for a suit worn once or twice a week.

Do not wear the garment every day, but allow it to rest at least 24 hours. Hang the garment in a well-ventilated and dry area. Hang your suit up every night and always leave it for a day before wearing again, to let it recover and drape out its wrinkles naturally. Heavier materials and linen should be left for at least two days.

Keep the garment in a Tailor Made London breathable garment bag, and preferably place cedar wood mothballs where the garment is stored.

Remove stains as much as possible with soap-free, lukewarm water.

Hang the garment in the shower every now and again.

Never iron woollen fabrics without placing a fabric between the fabric and the iron.

Have loose threads, buttons, etc. repaired immediately.