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Ferla; Producing fabrics for menswear and womenswear for nearly a hundred years

Ferla have been producing fabrics for both men and women for nearly 100 years. Their cloths are produced and designed in Ponzone, Provincia di Biella, Italy, where their fabric and designs go through a rigorous process of warping, weaving and finishing to produce the highest quality materials.

Fabrics by Ferla are rich in colour and pattern, so are perfect if clients are looking for an especially creative garment. Ferla like to use the best natural fibres, such as baby alpaca wool, linen, silk, cotton and even bamboo. These fibres are then used for soft warm winter fabrics or fresh and lively summer fabrics.

One fibre which Ferla use which make them different to any other manufacturers is the Baby Alpaca. This type of fibre is very rare and can be sourced from Peru, the texture is very luxurious and silky. Alpaca wool is available in a range of colours including whites, beiges, camel, dark red and black.  This rare fibre is used heavily by many international designers. Originally the Alpaca wool was reserved exclusively for the Inca royal family.

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