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Five Suits You Should Own

five suits you should own

Five suits you should own.

A suit is a necessity which every man should own. Whether its for a wedding, an interview or even just for work. Its a garment which will make you stand out as well as look dapper. We’ve picked out the five suits you should own.

Navy Suit:

This is one of the best options to go for, as a navy suit is guaranteed to make you look good if worn properly. It is a very versatile colour, as it can get you through everything from evenings out to job interviews. Go for a two button navy suit in a middleweight fabric, as it can be worn all year round.

Navy Suit

Grey Suit:

A grey suit is the second choice of colour to go for. As there are different shades of grey we recommend going for a charcoal, as this will be a suitable shade to wear all year round. Whereas if you went for a lighter shade, this will add a touch of summer which won’t be ideal for winter and not very versatile. The advantage of having a charcoal suit is its easier to dress down compared to a navy.

Charcoal suit

Double Breasted:

If you like to push the boat out when it comes to style, a double breasted suit is an essential piece for you. Back in the day the cut of a double breasted was more boxy, but has now been swapped for a more trimmed and comfortable fit. A double breasted in a midnight blue or grey will give you a subtle, but powerful look. However if you’re feeling adventurous why not go for a windowpane.Double Breasted Suits

Summer Suit:

Wearing a suit in summer can be a tricky thing for some, as you need to think about the material, as you don’t want to be sweating buckets. There are many lightweight materials which are available in bright shades, but when choosing your first summer suit go for something in a lightweight wool, cotton or linen. When picking a colour go for a beige, blue or light grey which will be ideal for the office, as well as meeting friends for lunch.

Summer Suits

Dinner Suit:

When it comes to dinner suits, its essential that you invest in one instead of renting as you don’t want to wear something which is ill fitting and has been worn by other men. You may be thinking that a dinner suit is something you wouldn’t wear on a regular basis, but it’s something you should invest in as it would look great if attending a black tie event. When choosing a colour you can go for a plain black or a midnight blue, if you’re looking for something different.

Dinner Suits

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