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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Tailor Made London Gift Cards.

With December nearly approaching, this means Christmas is coming. This is a special time of year where we can spend quality time with family, as well as stuff our faces with turkey. Although it may be a special time of year, it can also be a stressful time. Especially when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for everyone.

When deciding what presents to get for everyone, it can be a difficult task to tackle, as different people liking different things. For the fussiest of people we suggest going for a Tailor Made London Gift Card. Whether looking to buy a box of shirts, a suit, dinner jacket, a jacket or even a overcoat you’ve come to the right place.

Tailor Made Garments

From everything from the cut to the lining and buttons to the embroidery is all down to you. With over 3000 British and Italian fabrics to offer you’d be spoilt for choice.

We are the only tailors in the UK to have a 3D body scanner. Within 10 seconds we’d have a precise body measurement resulting in a perfectly fitted garment. This would be a unique yet unforgettable experience worth not missing.

For more information on our gift cards give us a call on 0207 566 0077. Alternatively send us an email at

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