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How To Wear A Blue Suit

How To Wear A Blue Suit

How To Wear A Blue Suit.

Blue is the new black when it comes to suits. It offers a more youthful characteristic and enhances your sartorial personality. It’s a versatile colour and can be worn on any occasion, whether for work, meetings, weddings and so on. Knowing what to wear with a blue suit can be a bit difficult. Whether its choosing the right shirt to shoes and so on. We’ve put together a guide on how to wear a blue suit. 

When wearing a blue suit, there are a few rules which you should follow.

  • Shirts:

When it comes to choosing the shirt, a crisp white shirt would be ideal. It’s versatile and would look great with or without a tie. However you can also go for a pale pink or blue shirt, which will add a bit of contrast to your overall look.

  • Accessories:

When it comes to accessories, choosing a colour for your tie is never ending. In order to choose right tie, think about the occasion and the shade of blue your suit is as you want something which complements well. If you’re opting for a safer option a black or navy would work well. If you’re feeling creative a red, burgundy or a patterned tie would look perfect. For a pocket square a plain version would be great for a patterned suit. If you’re wearing a plain suit, then the worlds your oyster as you can go for anything. But remember your tie and pocket square shouldn’t match.

  • Footwear:

A pair of black or brown will be the best colour choice, but you can also go for a tan pair. If you’re looking to go for a more relaxed and casual look, a pair of trainers will be the best choice.

Many men tend to wear suits on a daily basis or for special occasions. If you’re going for dinner with friends or family, we suggest opting for a smart casual look.  This medium blue faux uni would look perfect teamed with a grey crewneck with a white shirt underneath. When choosing footwear, go for a pair of trainers in a simplistic design, such as these Saint Laurent. This will  help to add some dimension to your overall look.

Smart Casual Look

Photo Credit: Tailor Made London, Charles Tyrwhitt, Saint Laurent

When deciding what suit to wear to the office, we suggest going for a navy faux uni with a stretch. This will help to elevate your look, as you can focus on adding some personal touches to your overall look. Go for a shirt in a light blue, as this will help to create a contrast for your look. When deciding accessories, this is your chance to experiment. A burgundy knitted tie and a patterned pocket square would be your best choice .

Work Outfit Look

Photo Credit: Tailor Made London, Turnbull and Asser and Aspinal of London.

There may be times you might get invited to a number of events, which means you need to look the part as well as make a good impression. This is when a double breasted suit comes in handy. This midnight blue high twisted tropical with a medium blue windowpane is the perfect piece to go for. Opting for a double breasted suit gives you that sartorial look as well as make you stand out from the rest. Although a double breasted suit may make you look dapper, it can be quite a loud suit which is why you should keep the rest of your outfit minimal. A plain white shirt with a navy knitted tie and a white pocket square with a blue piping would be perfect.

Events Outfit Look

Photo Credit: Tailor Made London, Drakes and Mr Porter

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