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How To Wear A Velvet Dinner Jacket.

How To Wear A Velvet Dinner Jacket

How To Wear A Velvet Dinner Jacket.

December has finally arrived, which means holiday season is here. This is the time you’d receive endless invites, whether it be with work, friends or even with family. These types of occasions require you to drink, be merry and have a good time. Depending on the type of events you’ve been invited to, some may require a dress code. Deciding what to wear based on the dress code may be a bit of a struggle for some gents. However, we’ve put together a guide on how to wear a velvet dinner jacket.

Depending on the event you’ve been invited to there will be some which will state a ‘black tie’ dress code. This becomes a challenge for some gents, especially if you don’t go to many black tie events.

Majority of guys would ultimately go for a traditional dinner suit. Although they provide a dapper and sophisticated look, you don’t want to look like everyone else. Instead get creative and step outside your comfort zone and opt for a velvet dinner jacket. This will instantly add a touch of luxury to your overall look.

If you’re looking for a velvet dinner jacket which offers a sartorial look, one in a black will do the job perfectly. Keep the rest of the outfit clean and neutral. If you’re looking to add some colour to your look, a midnight blue, burgundy or brown would be ideal.

If attending a cocktail party, these type of events offer a less formal atmosphere compared to a black tie dinner. This is a great opportunity to experiment with colour. A midnight blue velvet dinner jacket would be the perfect choice. Team it up with a navy roll neck, black trousers and black velvet loafers. This will add sophistication to your overall look without looking like you’ve over dressed.

Midnight Blue Velvet Dinner Jacket Outfit

Photo Credit: Tailor Made London, Charles Tyrwhitt and Farfetch

If you want to be creative, why not go for a burgundy velvet jacket. This will add confidence to your overall look and make you stand out from the crowd. Complete the look with a crisp white shirt, black trousers and patent black oxfords.

Burgundy Velvet Dinner Jacket Outfit

Photo Credit: Tailor Made London and Paul Smith

If you’ve been invited to a black tie dinner party or an exclusive party, this is your opportunity to go the whole shabang. A black velvet dinner jacket would be the best choice. It offers a chic look and makes a change from going for the usual black dinner suit. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, black trousers and patent black loafers.

Black Velvet Dinner Jacket Outfit

Photo Credit: Tailor Made London and House of Fraser

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to wear, its time to think about adding those finishing touches.

Bow Ties:

Bow ties are a crucial item for your overall outfit, as it gives your outfit some personality as well as sophistication. We recommend going for a more traditional look by choosing a bow tie made of the same fabric as your jacket.

Velvet Bow Ties

Photo Credit: Selfridges and Turnbull and Asser


Cufflinks are another accessory you shouldn’t forget about, as it can give you an elegant and timeless look. When choosing what cufflinks to go for, a semi-precious stone would look great if you’re attending an formal event. Alternatively you can go for a pair of sterling silver cufflinks, such as these pair from Lanvin and Zegna which would look great for any event.


Photo Credit: Eton Shirts, Selfridges, MenLook and Mr Porter

Pocket Square:

A silk pocket square is one of the simplest ways to elevate your look to the next level. They are a perfect way to add some character to your jacket. It is crucial that when choosing the colour of your pocket square, that you don’t buy one which matches your bowtie. Go for either a paisley, one with a pattern or a plain version in a white or navy.  

Silk Pocket Squares

Photo Credit: Turnbull and Asser, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Reiss

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