Tips for Staying Cool While Looking Sharp - Best Summer Suits

Tips for Staying Cool While Looking Sharp - Best Summer Suits

As we start looking forward to summer, it may be tempting to opt for shorts and sandals, but if you choose wisely a professional looking smart suit can keep you just as cool as casual wear.

Four principles to keeping cool while looking good

  1. Focus on Natural Fibres: Cotton, linen, silk, and wool are best for regulating body temperature.
  2. Choose Unconstructed and Unlined Jackets: Skip the extra bulk wherever possible.
  3. Opt for Open-Weave Fabrics: Take advantage of every available breeze!
  4. Select Lightweight Fabrics (240 grams or less): The ideal summer weight is around or under 240g.

Linen Suits

Crafted from natural flax fibres, linen suits epitomise summer chic. The open weave of linen naturally wicks away moisture and provides exceptional breathability, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable on the hottest days. Embrace the relaxed charm of linen as it gracefully wrinkles throughout the day! Pair with a button-down collar shirt and tassel sneakers for a stylish look.


Seersucker Suits

Seersucker’s unique puckered weave in stretch cotton adds character and enhances breathability. The texture lifts the fabric away from the body, allowing air to circulate. For a touch of summer flair, combine your seersucker suit with a comfortable knit T-shirt and slip-on trainers.

Jersely® Suits

Jersely® fabrics by Loro Piana offer knit-like jersey elasticity but are crafted on a traditional loom. Available in a blend of wool, silk, and linen, these fabrics combine the best qualities of each fibre: the refined drape of wool, the sheen and softness of silk, and the crisp breathability of linen. Complete your look with a pale blue cotton-linen shirt and suede penny loafers for a polished summer style.

Wool, Silk, and Linen Suits

Blending wool, silk, and linen in a plain weave offers resistance to wrinkles and a luxurious softness. These blends provide excellent lightweight breathability, keeping you cool and sophisticated. These suits in solid colours offer maximum styling flexibility. Pair with a cotton-silk knit polo and low-top city loafers in taupe suede for a refined appearance.

Lightweight Wool Suits

Lightweight wool suits are perfect for summer. The fine, soft wool creates small air pockets that, combined with an open weave, ensure optimal airflow and moisture absorption. Stay comfortable and dry as temperatures rise. Pair with a white cotton-linen shirt and a wool-linen tie, matched to your suede tassel loafers, for a chic, professional look.

Solaro Suits

Solaro fabric, with its alternating coloured warp and weft threads, creates a stunning iridescent effect. This chic and contemporary fabric captures and reflects light, adding sophistication and modern elegance to summer suits. Pictured here in petrol with a white cotton shirt, off-white jacquard tie, and blue suede penny loafers, Solaro suits ensure a refined workday appearance.

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