Tis’ The Season - How To Dress For The Festive Period

Tis’ The Season - How To Dress For The Festive Period

Party season is nearly upon us and we have everything you need to create an elegant festive outfit this winter. Whether it’s the end of year works do, a New Year’s Eve party or for that special Christmas dinner party, it’s always more fun to celebrate in style.

We say life is too short to wear boring clothes! There’s no better occasion than the festive period or New Year’s Eve to embrace this sentiment, so don’t be afraid to wear something a little unexpected — unexpected but chic, of course. With brand new fabrics and design options we have you covered this holiday season.

Let’s start with one of our favourite options, the velvet jacket. Known for it’s soft, luxurious texture, slight sheen and eye-catching quality, velvet remains a dependable choice for parties and special events, especially during the winter months. While dark, rich colours such as navy and black will always be classy, the more avant-garde colours like emerald green and burgundy are also a great choice. If something more colourful is desired, don’t worry we have more colours of velvet than you can possible imagine!

Next up, the infamous ‘gauntlet cuff’, worn by 007 himself. Many of James Bond’s dinner jackets sported this turn-back cuff. Use this design option to elevate your tuxedo or dinner jacket either in the same satin or ottoman used on your tuxedo facings, or in the same fabric of any jacket to add element of interest.

If we can help get you ready with a new outfit for all your exciting plans this winter, simply book an appointment online. No matter what you are up to during the festive period, make sure you do it in style!