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London Suits


At Tailor Made London, we pride ourselves on the quality, style and performance of our London suits.

Our company has a wide range of London suits, ranging from weekend suits, evening jackets, sports jackets, full business suits, and summer holiday suits. We also create London suits for those of our clients who travel frequently, those who have important meetings to attend, and those who just would like a suit to last them a lifetime wearing them only to “weddings and funerals”. London suits are most commonly business suits, ranging from the subtle to the striking; thus giving you the chance to cut a figure whilst operating within the business arena.

The bespoke nature of our company gives the customer an opportunity to design whatever suit the customer deems best to suit their needs whilst we, at Tailor Made London, will do the second part – creating a suit that would look perfect on the client. When searching for the perfect bespoke London suit for men, Tailor Made London should be at the top of your list.

We are so different from any other tailors. We collect your measurements, not with a tape measure, but with an ultra-advanced 3D Body Scanner. We allow you to choose the specific cloth you would like from a range of thousands of designer and Savile Row cloths. We then encourage you to design your own suit styling options, then finally, after only four weeks, your London suit will be delivered back to you (which is quicker than most of our competitors). All of this from only £450 per suit. Our London suits are good enough to rival many designer suits and Savile Row suits.

A big thank you for my DJ. Fits perfectly, looks great and feels luxury. Awesome job.- June 2013

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