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Loro Piana; Uncompromised Quality

Loro Piana specialises in high-end, luxury cashmere and wool products.

Based in the village of Quarona at the base of the Italian Alps, the Loro Piana family has been creating and selling textiles for six generations. Famous for its meticulous grading of wools, Loro Piana sells its fabric to high-end manufacturers, tailors, couturiers, architects and interior designers.

Lord Piana are the world’s largest producer of both baby cashmere yarns and fabrics. They have come to set the benchmark for the finest cloths, thanks to their tireless investment in raw materials, production and continued technical innovation.

Loro Piana is the single largest user of Super 120’s wool, purchasing up to forty percent of the total annual output. The wool comes from the very best lots of Australian merino wool, which is woven into yarn of exceptional fineness, tenacity, and strength. The yarn used is so fine, that one pound of it can be stretched out for 17 miles. Due to this fine raw material, Super 120’s can provide the customer with softness and comfort that no other wool can.

Loro Piana controls every stage of production for the utmost quality, from the collection of the natural fibres, right down to the delivery of the finished products to retailers.

“For six generations, we have been working with the best raw materials available on earth. We are always trying to find new ways to get the utmost quality for fabrics and garments that can last more than a lifetime”
Mr Sergio Loro Piana, chairman, Loro Piana

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