Modern Men's Tailoring in London

Lounge Suit by Tailor Made London

Lounge suits are a perfect treat for those men who have a more relaxed approach at work, and they are becoming more and more popular.

Whether you want a single button or double button single breasted suit is up to you.  Lounge suits flatter anyone’s physique no matter what size you are. You can dress them up or down, it’s your choice. Most of our customers buy lounge suits in a linen fabric or light wool which we strongly recommend, as they have a more relaxed look. Popular colours are black, navy or grey for the office, or for beach weddings for example, an ivory colour. Lounge suits can sound like informal versions of a suit that one would buy for work, but in many big cities, a lounge suit is synonymous with an office suit.

They consist of matching trousers and jacket. Tailor Made London can produce an impressive range of lounge suits, as we have such advanced technology to ensure the perfect fit, and in addition, fabrics from the world’s best designers and wool merchants. Our lounge suits are tailored to fit your body exactly, and can before you buy, you choose all of the design and style options you like. Your lounge suit can have a single or double breasted jacket, which has 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons, single or double vented. Tailor Made London will create your ultimate tailored lounge suit.

A big thank you for my suit. Fits perfectly, looks great and feels luxury. Awesome job.

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