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Made in Italy – Handmade Collection

Made in Italy – Handmade Collection. –

We at Tailor Made London are immensely proud of our Made in Italy Handmade collection. Our most artisan creation to date, our ‘Made in Italy Handmade collection’ is true to its name: constructed in Italy by the finest master tailors. The highest-level craftmanship speaks for itself. Details often overlooked by others are fashioned with great care and attention. Apart from the side and back seams all other seams are sewn by hand. Even the patch are exclusively stitched and attached by hand. Never fused, only 100% natural, Italian materials are used in production.

100% pure sartorial tailoring, you can now create a handmade suit that is not only full of life and character, but also guarantees the ultimate in comfort and fit. We would like to give you an insight into the sartorial craftsmanship of our suit making process.

All our fabrics are made in Italy in the Biella region in the North, where for centuries companies like Vitale Barberis Canonico, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, Loro Piana, Drago, Ermenegildo Zegna and others are creating the best cloths in the world .

The use of the best raw materials, continuous innovation, unparalleled experience and creativity guarantee the finest fabrics for your Custom Made suits.

We currently offer 2 type of hand-make garments:

1. Unreconstructed – A featherweight jacket! The ultimate in lightweight tailoring.
2. Full canvas – For the ultimate sartorial suit.

Each and every one of our hand-made suits require a minimum of over 30 man hours of craftsmanship from our expert tailors.
Each and every one of our hand-made suits require a minimum of over 30 man hours of craftsmanship from our expert tailors.

– All seams, trimming and basting are done by hand,without machine.
– All buttonholes are handmade with double knot, using 12 meter of the finest premium quality 100% silk yarn.
– Buttons are attached by hand – ‘Impuntura’ (pick-stitch) handmade using almost 5 meters of pure silk yarn.
– Armhole, padding and roping are prepared, trimmed and sewn by hand.
– Lining is attached by hand at shoulders, collar, sleeves, jacket hem and armhole.
– All inside seams are closed by hand.
– Our collars are 100% handmade. [/one_half]


– Monograms are sewn by hand.
– Patch pockets, labels and hanger loop are attached by hand.
– Peak and front edge are trimmed by hand at the middle of the production cycle so that the quality of the ‘shape’ is perfect without using any fusing.
– Trousers waistband attachment, tacks, closure all done by hand, etc.


– No fusing is used anywhere in our garments. Where reinforcement or extra stiffness is needed natural materials are used like canvas and cotton.
– Only the best 100% natural materials from Italy are used. Horsehair, canvas, cotton and for the buttons just corozo, horn, mother of pearl and leather.
– Linings are 100% bemberg.
– ‘French’ uneven seams or ‘hidden pipe’ seams are used for inseams of the unlined jacket.
– All pressing is done by hand. Taking over 3 hours no pressing machines are used at all.
Made in Italy Handmade collection. Delivery time: 4-6 weeks.

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