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Mistakes Men Make With A New Suit

Mistakes Men Make With A New Suit

Mistakes Men Make With A New Suit.

A new suit is something every guy looks forward to, especially if investing in a bespoke suit, as you’ll feel confident and would look and feel great in what you’re wearing.  However there are some gents who forget to remove those minor details on a bespoke suit. But don’t worry we’ve written a guide on mistakes men make with a new suit.

Vent Threads:

A vent is a slit at the back of the suit jacket. The purpose of a vent is to let the jacket sit over a saddle without bunching. There are two different types of vents. A single which has a slit in the middle and a double vent, which has a slit on each side of the jacket.

Whichever style of vent you go for, when purchasing a new suit you’ll come across one or two small threads in a shape of an X which secures the vent(s). The purpose of this is to help the garment from getting wrinkled during shipping and when sitting on the racks. Removing these threads should be the first you do. If you leave them it will show you don’t know why they’re there and will prevent the jacket from fitting on your body properly.

Shoulder Stitches:

The dotted line of stitching you’ll find across your new suit shoulders were originally used when tailors would make adjustments to a suit using a temporary baste stitch. This will then be removed once the suit was permanently altered. However nowadays the baste stitching does not serve any purpose.

When removing the stitching don’t rip them out, as this could lead to tearing up the surrounding fabric. Instead remove them by cutting the middle of the stitch and gently removing the thread either side.

Baste Stitching


When wearing your suit, you’ll notice that the pockets have been sewed together. This is done to make it look better on the rail, as the fabric will sit flat. Whatever yo do leave the pockets shut and don’t cut the threads. If you do cut the threads, this will tempt you to stuff your pockets which will lead to stretching the shape of your jacket. However if you’re the type of guy who likes to wear a pocket square, then you can remove the stitching from the breast pocket.

Pocket Stitching


When storing your suits, choosing the wrong hanger can be damaging to your suit. Your suit is designed to hang from your shoulders and drape over your chest and back.

A wire hanger is something you should avoid, as it will only stretch out the fabrics and reshape the padding. Instead we recommend going for a wide wooden or plastic hanger which finishes just before the seam of the shoulders.

Wooden and Plastic Hangers


After wearing a suit all day, there will be a possible chance there will be some creases. Some gents will go straight for the iron. This is a massive no, no. Using an iron on your suit will only damage the fibres and will produce a shiny sheen.

Instead we recommend going for a steamer. Using a steamer will help to prolong the life of your suit ans will open up the fibres to prevent unpleasant smells. This Tefal Instant Steam Garment Steamer will do the job perfectly.


For more information on mistakes men make with a new suit or to discuss  our other bespoke suits, jackets an shirts give us a call on 0207 566 0077 or why not book an appointment at our Old Street studio using the Tailor Made London Booking Tool.

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