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Other Design Options

Other Design Options

Design Options- Other details to choose from in your Tailor Made Suit

Design Options

There are many other Design Options that you can choose from when designing your own bespoke suit.

Some of these design options include;

  • Monogram. You can have up to fourteen characters (including spaces) monogramed inside the jacket, or underneath the jacket collar. This can be used to put your initials, or a significant date (such as your wedding date).
  • Throat Tab. The throat tab is a tab that comes off the left lapel to enable the wearer to button the collar up around their neck. This is an Italian style used to do up the collar around the neck to protect against bad weather.
  • Inside Construction. You can choose between a variety of different constructions inside the jacket. These include Cloth edged, Jet, or unlined. Please ask your tailor for details on this during your consultation.
  • Lining; You have the options of Half lining or full lining.
  • Mobile phone pocket; It’s possible to have a mobile phone pocket inside the lining of the jacket. Although this is not normally recommended as the bulk of the phone can affect the look of the jackets shape.
  • Colour of lapel buttonhole. You can choose between a variety of matching or contrasting colours for the cotton around the lapel buttonhole.
  • Sleeve Lining. You can choose between a standard white pinstripe sleeve lining, or choose to have the same lining as the body lining
  • Type of button; There are over fifty different colours and style of buttons to choose from. Ask to see the full range during your consultation.
  • Piping; The piping acts as a decorative barrier between the suit lining and the jacket fabric. You can choose this in a variety of colours.
  • Columbia; The stitching inside the jacket comes in a variety of colours.
  • Melton; The Melton is the thick wool that sits under the jacket collar, this comes in a variety of colours.
  • Elbow Patches; We provide elbow patches in a variety of colours.