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Bespoke Tailored Overcoat

Look and feel great from the outside in, with a Bespoke, Tailored Overcoat

In the Autumn and Winter, people will see your coat before they see anything else, so to make that perfect first impression, it’s essential that your wear a great fitting, well made, bespoke tailored overcoat.

The best overcoats are crafted from a heavy fabric such as wool (Merino, Melton etc). The overcoat is a long sleeved coat that can be either single of double breasted and usually has a single vent at the back. Traditionally the overcoat extends below the knee, but it’s fashionable now to wear them slightly shorter than this.

Other styles include the topcoat which is made from a lighter fabric and is never longer than the knee and the greatcoat, which is very similar to an overcoat but particularly bulky, heavy and hard wearing.

The best overcoats are made from 100 per cent wool. Overcoats made entirely of wool will keep you warm and can weather the storm without falling apart.

A bespoke, tailored overcoat will last you for years and is flexible enough to wear with a variety of different formal and casual outfits.

At Tailor Made London, as well as choosing from hundreds of different overcoat fabrics, you can also choose from a variety of design options, including; collars style, lapels, single-breasted, double-breasted, straight, slanted or patch pockets, ticket pockets,vents, cuffs, AMF stiching, shoulder types and monogram.

Our bespoke, tailored overcoats start at £700.

Contact us to discuss creating your new overcoat by giving us a call on 0207 566 0077 or booking an appointment with our Tailor Made London Booking Tool.

I love my new tailored overcoat. It fits perfectly and makes me feel warm comfortable and secure – September 2014