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Tailor Made Pinstripe suit

Pinstripe suit

It has often been said that, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Whether you are networking, interviewing for a job or meeting new colleagues for the first time, a Tailor Made Pinstripe suit conveys professionalism without compromising on style. Traditionally the classic grey Pinstripe has always been associated with “banker” connotations. However we offer pinstripe suit material in a range of different colours, for whatever the occasion. When it comes to the Pinstripe suit, things are no longer business as usual. With so many different cloths to choose from, gone are the days of the traditional black, greys and navy. The professional stigma tied to pinstripe suit is now being superseded by a more savvy sartorial look. Nowadays the pinstripe suit evokes an affluent knowledgeable image that simply says you mean business.

So why not book an appointment at our show room and check out our range of pinstripe suit fabrics. It’s a quick and easy process of tailoring with our 3D Body Scanner, and you will have a fabulous, high quality bespoke pinstripe suit which will last you many years.

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