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Pocket Types

Jacket Pocket Types

Flap, Jetted or Patch

Options for Jacket Pocket Types

There are a variety of different Pocket Types for you to choose from when designing your bespoke suit jacket.

Popular pocket types include Flap, Jetted, or Patch.

Flap pockets are the most popular and the most common type of pocket style. The flap size can also be adjusted to be narrow, wide or regular.

The flap was originally designed to keep things from falling out of the pockets or to protect from the rain. It was traditionally meant to be tucked in, when indoors, leaving the settings exposed for show.

A jetted pocket is one without the flap. It is shown in the middle jacket on the picture above. It has a small seam at the top and the bottom.

On a jetted pocket, the pocket is sewn into the lining of the jacket. Only a narrow horizontal opening appears on the side of the jacket.

Jetted pockets are nearly invisible. They contribute to a very sleek, polished appearance. Jetted pockets are most frequently found on formal wear.

Originally the pocket types for formal garments were jetted (without flaps) and informal coats had a flap.

Now jetted is often chosen as a style option, to emphasise the individuality of the jacket.

To decide, whether you think you may want jetted pockets, you can tuck in the pockets of a regular flap pocketed jacket that you currently own and see what it would look like without the flaps.

The patch pocket had a single extra piece of cloth sewn directly onto the front of the jacket.

It is more of a sporting option, sometimes seen on summer linen suits, or other informal styles. The patch option can be used to make a jacket appear more casual and is probably more suited to a casual jacket worn with jeans or chinos rather than a suit jacket.