Modern Men's Tailoring in London

Bespoke Tailored Polo Shirts By Tailor Made London

Let your casual clothes make you look as good as your suits with bespoke tailored polo shirts

When it comes to bespoke, tailored clothes most people immediately think of trousers, jackets shirts and possibly overcoats. But why shouldn’t you look as good relaxing as you do at work?

Tailor Made London have a wide range of casual clothes including bespoke, tailored Polo shirts. These are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up with a blazer and chinos (all tailored of course) or dressed down with a pair of jeans and trainers.

Our polo shirt range includes the stand out pop-over. Part dress shirt, part polo shirt. The pop-over has a half-placket and only three buttons below the collar requiring you to pop it over your head. These can be customised with different collars and sleeves just like our dress shirts.

If you’ve got favourite casual clothes that you like already but want a version that fits you better we can find a similar cloth and using our 3D body-scanning technology create you something from scratch, that fits your perfectly and you’ll know you like.

Contact us to have a chat about bespoke, tailored polo shirts as well as our full range of casual clothes including chinos, jeans and any other clothing you can imagine by calling us on 0207 566 0077 or booking an appointment using the Tailor Made London Booking Tool.

I didn’t even realise that you could get tailored polo shirts and jeans. To begin with I was dubious but now that I’ve got some it’s difficult to buy anything off the peg now – June 2015