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Reda 1865 – Quality Made in Italy

Reda 1865 are an Italian mill, who combine traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation to achieve the best results. They’re an authentic ‘Made in Italy’ brand, who export all over the world, while maintaining a strong bond with their land of origin; Valle Mosso, Biella.

Founded nearly 150 years ago, Reda 1865 started in a mill which became a wool factory and has strengthened over the years. The company has been established worldwide in Europe, Japan and North America. Their products show quality, luxury and refinement and are chosen by the most important international fashion houses.

During the production process Reda 1865 carefully select a selection of wools, which undergo the combing process, this changes the wool into strips which is also known as tops. The tops then go to the dyeing department where the wool dyes for the first time. Once the wool has dried up it goes to the spinning department, which is the first important phase of the manufacturing process. The wool is selected further by combing machines, melanging machines, twisting machines and rings. This then brings the wool to perfection and becomes a long thin thread of yarn. The yarn is then twisted with another in the twisting department, which is stretched onto a loom to create a warp. The threads that form the lengthwise part of the fabric is then ready to meet the weft and is woven into it to create the fabric during the weaving process. Once everything is done, the fabric is ready for the finishing department where the fabric undergoes a series of treatments which will improve the fabric stability, appearance and softness.

This process is what makes the Reda fabric a light material, which is pleasant to touch, making the material soft, elastic and resistant.

The products have continued to be manufactured at the Croce Mosso factory and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Reda fabrics are poised between tradition and innovation, as their collections present products which are stylish yet maintain their manufacturing characteristics.

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