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Savile Row Suits At Tailor Made London

We are sometimes asked what the difference is between a Savile Row Suit and a Tailor Made London Suit. Here are the main differences:

A Savile Row suit starts at around £3,000 with an average price of about £5,000. A Tailor Made London suit starts at £750 with an average price of around £1250.

A Savile Row suit takes around 6 months to make, a Tailor Made London suit takes around 35 days.

Number Of Fittings
A Savile Row suit normally has around four fittings as the suit is made in a variety of stages. A Tailor Made London Suit arrives fully complete. It may require a couple of small tweaks due to personal preferences but often our clients can walk straight out of the door as soon as the suit arrives.

Measurements & Fitting
A Savile Row tailor will take every measurement by hand, Tailor Made London takes exactly the same measurements in seconds using our 3D body scanner which creates your own digital avatar to allow us to fully analyse your posture.

Variety Of Cloths
We stock exactly the same range of cloths as any Savile Row tailor. Thousands of different cloths from the top Italian & English Mills including Zegna, Loro Piana, Abraham Moon, Holland and Sherry, Reda 1865, Scabal, Dormeuil and many more.

If you’d like to have a look through our full range of cloths and discuss the most appropriate bespoke options for you with one of our consultants, please Book An Appointment Online or give us a call on 020 75 66 00 77.

I’d previously bought suits from Savile Row, but found that I got the same quality and cloth at a fraction of the price and time