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Scabal; The finest of fabrics since 1938

Scabal was founded in 1938 by Otto Hertz. Originally a wheat mill, it became a cloth merchant and then a fabric supplier. The business started in Brussels, Germany at Rue Royale. Otto Hertz’s father already had a fabric store in Essen, Germany, so every day, deliveries were completed by bike to the tailors or to the station for shipment in other towns.

With so many international clients, they needed an easier way to transport their cloth worldwide. The solution for this, was to invent ‘bunches’, this was created to make it easier for their clients & customers to find fabrics.

In 1951 a well known fabric trader Barclays was brought by Scabal, as they wanted to increase their presence in the UK. Over the years Scabal has evolved into a top quality fabrics supplier to become one of the most prestigious textile businesses worldwide. They opened a showroom on Savile Row, with which they introduced their fabric range in the US in collaboration with Beckenstein.

Scabal have a very close relationship with the film industry providing fabric for many films including; The Godfather, Casino, Men in Black & The Aviator.  They also had a great relationship with the theatre industry collaborating with many West End theatres. In 2007 Adidas collaborated with Scabal, to use their fabrics for their shoes, caps and track suits which was named ‘Adidas Heritage’.

Scabal’s products are sold in more than 65 countries, and they have over 5,000 fabrics.

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