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Choosing interesting suit buttons is another fun part of the design process. By finding some interesting buttons, you can add individuality and a personal flair when designing your own suit.

Having interesting and individualistic suit buttons is also another way to ensure that you create you own one-of-a-kind suit that truly reflects your personality. It’s one of the final important finishing details that can really help to achieve the look that your aiming for.

Choosing the right kind of buttons is also another way to ensure that your suit stands out as a bespoke, tailored suit and creates another talking point to show off how your suit is different from a standard off the peg item.

When it comes to suit buttons there’s generally two options. You can either decide to go for a discreet dark regular set of buttons to go with the colour of a dark suit. Alternatively you can choose a contrasting light or highly coloured button in order to contrast against the colour of the suit fabric and really stand out.

We regularly stock over fifty different colours and materials of suit buttons in our studio. During an appointment you’ll be able to go through a variety of different buttons and try them against a variety of different suit fabrics to decide exactly what works for you.

In the image above you can see a variety of different suit buttons that stand our from the different suit fabrics.

Whether you’re looking for gold, silver, brass or vintage blazer buttons. Mother of pearl buttons in a variety of colours. Smoking buttons for a tuxedo or dinner jacket. Traditional horn buttons or Galaith, leather, urea, nut or ottoman buttons. We’re sure you’ll be able to find what you want in our wide range.