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Different types of suit jacket

Single Breasted, Double Breasted or Dinner Jacket

Suit Jacket

Choosing what type of suit jacket you need is one of the most important decisions when designing you suit. It is important to think about what occasions and situations you want to wear the suit. It’s also important to know what impression you want to make with your choice of suit jacket and how the various options will appear.

Here’s a brief description of the different types of suit jacket, who they would suit and what occasions you would wear them.

A Single-Breasted jacket has a narrow overlap with one column of buttons, as shown on the left hand side of the image above.

A Double-Breasted jacket has overlapping front flaps with two parallel columns of buttons, as shown in the middle of the image above.  In most double breasted jackets, one column of buttons is decorative and the other is functional.

A Dinner suit (tuxedo, tux, dinner jacket or DJ), is a formal evening suit with satin facings on the jacket lapels, and a similar stripe along the outset of the trousers. Shown on the right hand side of the image above.

Typically a single breasted suit will have a notch lapel whereas a double breasted suit will have a peak lapel, more information on notch vs peak lapel here.

Generally single-breasted suits are considered more standard and more suitable for everyday wear. A double breasted suit tends to be a bit different and is worn to stand out more.

Single-breasted suits are considered everyday wear and are appropriate for every occasion from the workplace, to a date, to a wedding.

Double-breasted suits tend to be more fashion forward so can be worn to make a statement to look different from all the other suits out there and stand out in a crowd.