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Tailored Shirts – The First Serious Step in Bespoke

An off the peg shirt relies on a single measurement – the circumference of your neck – for the sizing. All other dimensions, such as breadth of chest, length of arms, width of shoulders, size of biceps & wrists, roundness of stomach and length of torso are then taken as an average from that neck size. With Tailor Made London Tailored Shirts all these measurements are perfect for your size.

In a lot of cases, ready to wear shirts are far too big because they have to accommodate such a wide range of bodies. A shirt with a 15in collar could be the ‘correct’ size for a skinny man who is 6ft, or a larger man who is 5ft 4in. It’s possible that their neck measurement will be the only thing in common.

Another advantage to tailored shirts is that if the client has one arm longer that the other, or one shoulder that sits slightly higher, or any other difference between one side and the other then a tailored shirt will allow for this.

A proper tailored shirt will also make a tailored suit look better. A jacket will never look right, if the shirt beneath it doesn’t fit properly, especially on the cuff.

Of course, aside from the obvious advantages of a great fit, designing your own bespoke shirt also allows you to choose from hundreds of fabrics. So you can choose your own cloth weight, texture, colour and pattern.

As well as choosing the cloth, you can also choose from a huge range of design details such as 13 different collar types (in three different sizes), 16 different cuffs, Monograming, buttons, pleats, darts, placket, collar stiffeners and many more.

The final reason why bespoke shirts are such a good idea is that Tailor Made London Tailored shirts start at just £150, the same price as an off the peg shirt that doesn’t fit. To see prices of different cloth types and multiple buy discounts, see our Tailor Made London Price List.

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I’d never bought Tailored Shirts before, now I find it difficult to wear any off the peg shirts – June 2015