Modern Men's Tailoring in London

Tailored Trousers


When getting a 3D body scan at Tailor Made London and choosing your favourite cloth to make your suit, the price will be for a two piece suit.

This includes the jacket and the tailored trousers as a set. At Tailor Made London, we offer special discounts for our customers when buying an extra pair of tailored trousers for their suit.

Tailored trousers are almost as important to a man’s image as having an entire tailored suit. The shape and style that comes from wearing tailored trousers means that they are definitely worth their cost. It’s important to have tailored trousers because tailored trousers make your legs look lean, very stylish and are worn by most men in the media spotlight. When purchasing a bespoke suit, we can offer more than one pair of tailored trouser to go with the suit jacket. This is because we know that trousers can get more worn out than your jacket, often because the trousers get worn all day.

Tailor Made London make tailored trousers exciting. As a customer, you can design every detail of your tailored trousers before they are hand crafted in Germany by our experienced tailors. You can choose how many belt loops you’d like on your waistband, how many pockets you’d like, their shape, their location, the type of fly fastening, the length style and so on. So come and order your bespoke tailored trousers today.

A big thank you for my DJ. Fits perfectly, looks great and feels luxury. Awesome job.- June 2013

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