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Tessitura di Quaregna; Fine luxury fabrics ‘Made in Italy’

Tessitura di Quaregna was founded in 1960 by an Italian textile designer Nelio Ghione, who was very ambitious about producing high quality cloths. The company is a Biellese woollen mill, who produce combed and carded cloth using extra fine Australian wools (Super 110, 130 and 150), cashmere, silk, linen and mixtures of other natural fibres.

For over 40 years, the company has worked in the best tradition in order to create their ‘Made in Italy’ label. They research innovative processes, create new designs and develop special finishing techniques which has led the company to success.

The cloths produced are used by top designers and garment makers in Italy and overseas. Tessitura di Quaregna offers a wide range of fabrics. With ongoing research and development they ensure that the mill continues to offer cloths which guarantee the highest performance and wearability for their customers.

Tessitura di Quaregna classical fabrics are created with the highest quality materials of refined elegance for formal and ceremonial clothing. For their fashion fabrics, they work closely with well known designers, creating creative patterns which are influenced by modern taste and trends. They use traditional and Jaquard looms which are then enriched with an exclusive finishing process.

The production, preparation, design, weaving and finishing process is all completed at the company’s mill in the Piemonte county of Biella, known as the capital of the Italian woollen industry. Once the fabric is finished, they pay particular attention to certain fabrics by adding a variety of different options such as Teflon treatment, waterproofing, aging and over dyeing.

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