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Ticket Pocket and other options

A Ticket (or change) Pocket is a third, extra smaller pocket. It is located higher up on the right hand side and is roughly half as wide. It follows the angle and style of the pocket below it. It is aligned with the front edge of the pocket below.

Traditionally, the Ticket Pocket it’s a very British detail, popularised by Savile Row, but now features on jackets from around the world.

It was originally a feature of country suits jackets and blazers and used for storing train tickets for the train, bus, theatre or anything else that requires quick, easy access.

Another theory is that they were originally used in riding jackets to serve as an exterior pocket for holding cash will riding to allow easy access to their money at tolls without unbuttoning their jackets.

Nowadays it can be a useful place to hold business cards while networking at events or receipts when shopping.

Ticket pockets might not work for shorter men as they break up the length of a jacket. It is also worth bearing in mind that for heavier men since they may add bulk to the waist. Conversely men with long torsos or with a skinny body shape, may find that the ticket pocket helps to fill some of the negative space.

Other possible pocket options include Slanted (or hacking) pockets. These were originally designed to be easier to open while seated when riding (or hacking) a horse.

Slanted pockets can look sportier and can make you look more shapely.

The images above show a variety of different styles. When you design your suit with Tailor Made London you can choose any permutation of these.

We recommend not using your pockets to store anything as the bulk of having anything in your pockets can lead to unsightly creases or bulges that will ruin the ones of your silhouette and the shape of your suit.