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Jacket Vents

Vents Double, Single or No Vent

Double Vent, Single Vent & No Vent


One of the first choices in your jacket is choosing how many vents you want. You have to decide whether you want to have a jacket with a double vent, single vent or no vent at all.

Here are the options explained;

A Double Vent has two slits near the sides of the jacket.

It is a great overall style that not only looks good but also is the most functional out of the three vent styles.

Unlike the no vent and the single vent, the double vent has slits near the trouser pockets which allow for easy access to your pockets, without any bunching while keeping your bottom covered.

The side vents also reduce the occurrence of wrinkling or creasing when you’re sitting down.

In terms of comfort and manoeuvrability, the double vent certainly is the lease constricting vent style of the three.


No Vent is Italian in origin. It is a jacket without any slits in the back.

The main benefit is how it looks. It provides a clean, stream lined look.

However a jacket without a vent is a good example of style over function.

Function wise, it is a poor choice. Because of the lack of vents, reaching into your pockets will cause bunching of the jacket. This bunching can result in unsightly wrinkles and creases.


Single Vent. The single vent gained popularity in the United States. The single vent was originally designed to allow the jacket to drape more comfortably when the wearer was riding a horse.

The single vent does not provide any aesthetic advantage and suffers from the same bunching issues as no vent.

In addition the single slit almost acts as an exposed curtain revealing the wearers bottom each time you reach into your pockets.