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Visiting Tailors

visiting tailor

At Tailor Made London, we understand that some people have hectic lifestyles, which is why we offer our visiting tailor service, bringing our portable 3D Body Scanner to companies around London.

This allows companies’ employees to get scanned and browse through our fabrics on their lunch break instead of them having to come to us. However, if our clients prefer this to the visiting tailor service, they can come and visit us in our show room at their own convenience. The benefit of Tailor Made London doubling as a visiting tailor is that without any extra effort or time out of your day you can have a free body scan and can feel for yourself the stunning quality of our fabrics.

Another benefit of our visiting tailor service is that unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge to take your measurements. Due to most other visiting tailors charging to take your measurements, be it at their premises or at your office, it often leads to customers choosing to take their own measurements. As a consequence the measurements are not as accurate and thus the ‘tailored’ suit does not fit you as well as if an experienced tailor took the measurements. Therefore, our Tailor Made London visiting tailor service really is a good deal.

Amazed by the 3D scanner, great experience, followed by a perfectly fitted suit.- September 2013

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