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Bespoke Tailored Waistcoat by Tailor Made London

Turn your suit in to a premium outfit with a bespoke tailored waistcoat.

A waistcoat (known as a vest in the US) can elevate any suit. Wearing a waistcoat as part of your suit (in other words going from a 2 piece lounge suit to a 3 piece suit) will make you feel smarter, more pulled in and gives you the freedom to remove your jacket and still feel and look smart.

Surprisingly ensuring that your waistcoat is tailored correctly and fits well is almost more important than the fit of your jacket or trousers. A waistcoat that is too loose will feel that your wearing a bag and won’t hold your tie in place, whereas one that is too tight can restrict your breathing (especially when sitting).

The waistcoat needs to contour to your body with no lumps or protrusions, which could ruin your silhouette when you remove your jacket. If it’s too loose it could also buckle at the top and might make you look like you have a pot belly.

A waistcoat should always be done up, except for the last button, just like your suit jacket. The reason why you leave this last button undone is so that it doesn’t pull when you lift your arms up.

There’s a range of design options you can choose for your waistcoat. With a lapel, buttons, pockets, AMF stiching, a double breasted waistcoat or the english style horseshoe waistcoat.

One of the most important decisions on choosing your waistcoat is whether you want the back made of the same fabric, or of the lining fabric of your jacket. Using the jacket cloth will be bulkier and warmer but will look more formal when wearing without the jacket. Having the lining will be lighter and slimmer and will give a more casual and informal style once the jacket is removed.

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A waistcoat makes me feel smarter and more formal with the jacket on, yet more stylish and casual when I’ve taken the jacket off – December 2014