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Zegna Mill Cloth Tailor Made London

Zegna; producing high quality wool, cashmere and mohair fabrics.

Zegna was founded in 1910, when Ermenegildo Zegna bought his father’s textile looms. Now it is managed and run by the fourth generation of the family and fully remains in family ownership.

As one of the biggest global producers of fine fabrics (2.3 million metres per year), they have been active in promoting improvements in wool production around the world.

Zegna is renowned internationally for the world’s finest textiles. Four generations of the family have been highly involved in creating amazing new textiles through innovation and carefully balancing science with technology.

The entire production process is carried out by the family business, from raw material choice to finishing. Their commitment to quality and the use of modern technology backs up artisan craftsmanship that links past, preset and future.

Over the last hundred years, the Lanificio (Italian for Wool Mill) has pioneered these sophisticated men’s fabrics. They have used cutting edge technologies and managed to make their materials lighter, softer, more refined and with an improved performance and functionality. Consequently, new fabric standards have been set and new construction methods have emerged in the luxury men’s tailoring industry.

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