Seasonal Overcoating

Seasonal Overcoating

Once the chill sets in a coat can quickly become a man’s most trusted and treasured garment. Often being the most visible item of any look, we wear them for special occasions, commutes to the office, outdoor activities and everything in between.

We have an array of specially curated cloths ready to be customised with all new design options to balance practicality and style for your new coat this winter.

Casentino: Not for the faint hearted or reserved but a true gem nonetheless. This unique ‘knotty’ wool hails from its namesake Tuscan valley, where the textile has been popular since the Middle Ages and was first developed for heavy outdoor use during wet and chilly winters. Fleece-like in its properties with incredible durability and natural water resistance. Available this season in the above bottle green and many more colours.

Loro Piana Storm System: Embrace the elements with confidence as you weather any storm in sophisticated style. Let water gracefully slide off you with our specially developed Storm and Rain system fabrics. This treatment impregnates the fibres, creating a protective membrane from rain, dirt and stains.

Keeping an eye towards the future, the new bio-based Green Storm System is made from 50% renewable plant sources with a PFC-free Rain System treatment. Both storm system ranges come in a selection of colours, weights and textures, perfect for your new winter coat!


There’s nothing quite like a bold herringbone to strike a balance between eye-catching and understated, pictured above is a blend of plush wool and alpaca in a mix of soft browns with some black woven in for a multidimensional look.

We have an array of chunky as well as smaller herringbones this season from the most renowned British & Italian cloth mills. Among our favourites this season are Piacenza’s luxurious baby camel hair, Dugdale’s robust lambswool and Lanificio Rogna’s super soft wool & cashmere blend.

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