Our Knitwear Qualities Explained

Our Knitwear Qualities Explained

Pure Cashmere

A quality synonymous with luxury and comfort, our ultra-fine cashmere fibres come only from the fleece of goats found in particular areas of Inner Mongolia, where high altitudes and freezing temperatures result in cashmere of the highest possible quality. With special care, a cashmere garment will last for many years, actually improving with age. The warmest and one of the softest of our knitwear qualities, cashmere fibres are highly desired in part for their inner air pockets, producing a warm, breathable and lightweight layer of insulation ideal for autumn and winter.

Extra Fine Merino Wool

A much-loved option for knitwear, (y)our extra-fine merino wool from Australia ensures a smooth, supple touch and long-lasting resiliency. Boasting both natural elasticity and superior resistance to stains, wrinkles, odours and grease, the popularity of the merino fibre can be credited to its reliable mix of utility, softness and breathability: cool in summer, warm in winter and perfect in the in-between seasons. Beware of possible transparency in single-ply light colours and launder with care to prolong the lifespan of these extra-fine fibre.

Wool & Cashmere

Ideal for the height of winter and requiring the least amount of washing respectively, our high-quality blend of 90% Australian wool and 10% Mongolian cashmere is particularly suited to everyday garments and accessories in cold temperatures thanks in part to its warm hand feel. Offering more insulation and softness than pure merino wool while remaining extremely durable, breathable and perfectly refined.

Cashmere & Silk

To create a sleek, plush feel and our most exclusive, softest and finest knitwear quality, we’ve combined the luxurious qualities of ultra-fine cashmere (70%) — sourced from the fleece of goats found in Inner Mongolia — with the drape, radiance and durability of Mulberry silk (30%). Highly prized for its tempered shine and versatile, four-season properties that help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Beware of possible transparency in single-ply light colours and launder with care to prolong the lifespan of these extra-fine fibres.

Cotton & Cashmere

Featuring a soft, silky feel and effective regulation of airflow and body heat, our elegant blend of 85% cotton and 15% cashmere creates a matte, slightly robust appearance and is particularly wearable from early spring through the end of autumn. With its natural resistance to bacteria and odours, this blend also keeps your number of necessary washes to a minimum, helping ensure effortless maintenance and a prolonged garment lifespan.