Our Italian atelier have been making suits since their doors first opened right after WWII. They employ traditional techniques by some of the most skilled tailors in our industry to ensure all garments are to the highest level of make and quality.

They construct our suits in a full floating canvas construction, with a full piece of canvas covering the entire front, acting as the interlayer to provide extra support and structure. It means the jacket will conform to the wearers body over time and still have a lot of comfort in motion.

Our suits feature an array of handmade elements, crafted with the highest attention to detail and made with only the finest materials and natural fibres.

We use zero fusing and no tricks to speed up the process, there are hardly any machines used in the process of crafting our garments. The main advantage of this construction is a softer, suppler feel and a lighter-weight that greatly increases comfort. Without the fusing, the fabric keeps its flexibility, natural characteristics and ensures the jacket will drape naturally moulding to the wearer over time.

The finishing touches are completed entirely by hand for a high end luxury finish including the buttons, button holes, collar attachment and lining.

The jacket and trousers are pressed by hand to manipulate the cloth into place, this will ensure more shape resulting in a better fitting garment. The finished product is then basted stitched to show a high level custom made garment.