Finding Your Personal Style with Tailor Made London

Finding Your Personal Style with Tailor Made London


Finding your personal style is not only about discovering what type of garments you like, but also about understanding your own identity and expressing yourself through your wardrobe. Your personal style should reflect your personality, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your goals. It should also make you feel confident, comfortable, and authentic.

But how do you find your personal style? And how do you make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly and flatter your body shape? That's where Tailor Made London comes in. 

Tailor Made London is a bespoke custom made tailoring service that creates suits, shirts, trousers, coats and more for the discerning gentlemen. We utilise cutting edge 3D body scanning technology in conjunction with our highly skilled tailors to create a digital pattern that is unique to you. We have curated a collection of over 6,000 fabrics from Italy and Britain’s most prestigious textile mills and weavers, meaning we can craft a vast array of garments for every season and occasion.

Tailor Made London can help you find your personal style in 7 easy steps:

 1. Look at your wardrobe. The first step to finding your personal style is to look at what you already have and what you love to wear. What are the common themes, colours, patterns and silhouettes in your wardrobe? What are the pieces that make you feel happy and confident? What are the pieces that you never wear or that don't fit you well? Use this as a starting point to identify your style preferences and gaps.

 2. Find inspiration. The next step is to look for inspiration from other sources, such as magazines, blogs, social media, celebrities, friends or family. Who are the people whose style you admire and why? What are the outfits that catch your eye and make you want to try them? Collect images of outfits that resonate with you and create a mood board or a Pinterest board to visualise your style inspiration.

3. Define your style words. Once you have gathered some inspiration, try to summarise your style in a few words that describe how you want to look and feel. For example, do you want to look classic, modern, elegant, casual or maybe more edgy? Do you want to feel confident, comfortable, creative, professional, or something else? These words will help you define your style personality and guide your choices.

4. Choose your colours. Colour is an important element of your personal style, as it can affect your mood, your energy, and how others perceive you. Think about what colours suit you best and make you feel good. You can use a colour analysis tool or consult our tailors who are always happy to help and give honest advice. Find out what colours work best for your skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour. You can also experiment with different colours and see how they make you feel. Choose a colour palette that reflects your style, personality and mood.

5. Choose your fabrics. Another important element of your personal style is the fabric of your clothes. Different fabrics have different textures, weights, drapes and finishes that can affect how your clothes look and feel on your body. Think about what fabrics suit your lifestyle, your climate, and your comfort level. Do you prefer smooth or textured fabrics? Do you prefer light or heavy fabrics? Choose fabrics that match your style personality and preferences.

6. Choose your fit. The fit of your clothes is crucial for finding your personal style, as it can make or break an outfit. Clothes that fit you well will enhance your body shape, make you feel comfortable and show your personality. Clothes that don't fit you well will detract from your appearance, make you feel self-conscious, and hide your personality.

7. Experiment and have fun. The final step to finding your personal style is to experiment and have fun with your clothes. Don't be afraid to try new things, mix and match different pieces,and express yourself through your outfits. You can also get feedback from others to see what works and what doesn't. Remember that your personal style is not fixed or static, but dynamic and evolving. You can always change and update your style as you grow and change as a person.

Finding your personal style can be a rewarding and enjoyable process that can help you discover more about yourself and boost your confidence. With Tailor Made London, you can find your personal style with ease and elegance. We use 3D body scanning technology to take your exact measurements and create a digital pattern that is unique to you.

If you want to find your personal style with Tailor Made London, book a consultation today and get ready to transform your wardrobe and yourself.