Being one of only a few modern tailoring houses, we at Tailor Made take great pride in ensuring the service and products offered are to the highest possible standard without compromising on our beliefs around sustainable and ethically produced clothing.

Our Beliefs and Goals

We are a modern tailoring house, solely offering consumers the option to produce clothing on demand ensuring minimal waste and higher sustainability. Meaning our garments will last a lifetime and can be handed down from generation to generation, the true standard of sustainability. Over the years there has been temptations and ideas to add ready to wear to our offering, but we remain of the mindset that this simply adds to the on going crisis that is fast throwaway fashion which is something we are strongly against.

We produce garments of all kinds to the highest quality and standard. Whilst we took the decision to produce all of our clothing entirely in Italy and not in house, we were extremely selective of who we used as we wanted to ensure sustainability throughout and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our Italian atelier only receive the exact number of meters required to make your given garment, ensuring minimal waste. They also dispatch our garments to us in batches and not singularly, so we are able to limit our O2 omissions in regards to freight and shipping.

Our Products and Fabrics

The materials and fabrics used when producing all our garments are just as important. Since our inception, we have only worked with fabric and textile mills that are limiting water usage and not incorporating harmful chemicals, dyes or pesticides when producing their fabrics.

We strongly believe in ethically sourced fabrics so we make sure we only work with suppliers that rear animal hair humanely and meet the highest standards of animal welfare legislation. As well as this we are very much against the unethical practice of ‘mulesing’ in Australia.