The Making of Our Suits

At Tailor Made, we provide beautifully crafted suits at competitive prices. Offering only the finest level of construction, with a full floating canvas and detailed hand finishing. Our highly skilled tailors working out of our Italian atelier having been crafting suits for over 100 years, needless to say they are pretty good at it.

Full Canvas Construction

Every suit needs support in the front panels to create and hold shape. This is where canvassing comes in, canvas is the layer between the jacket fabric and the interior lining.

At Tailor Made we use a full floating horsehair canvas, unlike the cheaper fused options used in most off the rack or tailored suits. Each of our fully hand stitched suits has a full canvas sewn into the jacket. This results in the jacket draping better on the body, holding it’s shape, feeling more comfortable and providing greater breathability.

Handmade Finishing

All of our suits are finished with an array of hand stitched detailing to give a high end luxury finish.

Unlike all of the machine made ready to wear offerings our suits feature handmade buttonholes with the lining and collar also being attached by hand. Finally the buttons are attached by hand too.

Steaming & Pressing

Once the suit is hand finished, it is pressed and steamed in order to reinforce its shape and structure. Then it is rigorously put through quality control checks before making its way back to our showroom for its first fitting.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss in detail how our suits are made, view our fabrics and learn more about the process.

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